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Progressive Landscapes Folsom has such a high reputation because we do something a lot of contractors don’t do and that is truelly listening to our clients needs and wants while focusing on their outdoor interest. With our help we want to bring out the full potential of your Folsom outdoors landscaping experience. Progressive Landscapes, provides you with a full range of custom landscape designs and installation services. We want to create a landscape that reflects you and at the same time fits your budget. Progressive Landscapes is committed to bringing you quality products, craftsmanship, and overall great service that you truly desire.

Your outdoor living area is like a canvas and we are the artist. We make sure that each paint stoke is where it is suppose to be while giving a deeper meaning to the whole piece. This will create a work of art right in your own backyard; where everyone can enjoy the beauty of the landscape. We handle each job with special attention and care treat your landscape as if it was an expensive piece of art. When we are done you will be amazed at the results, Guaranteed!

Here at Progressive Landscapes we offer many ranges of service that the normal landscaper does not offer. We like to think of ourselves as a one stop shop where we can do it all. From retaining walls, outdoor elements, concrete, paving stones, synthetic turf, masonry, wood work, landscape installation, design, and much more. We also are perfectionists, so we always strive to make sure we do the job right the first time so there is no stressful and costly redos involved. Our Folsom contractors are renowned as the skilled and friendliest contractors that will ever touch your yard in Folsom, California. Why Choose Progressive, because we are the best at our craft and we make sure you are 100% happy when we leave!

Why Choose Landscaping Folsom

Professional Local Landscaper in Folsom, California

As contractors, we want to let you know that we will be proud to visit your home and listen to your outdoor problems. Whether your home needs a huge fix or a small project we can help you no matter what outdoor project you have in mind. That is why we are here, we want you to be proud of our work and to let you know that there is a local professional landscaping contractor in Folsom, California looking forward to working with you. Please feel free to call /contact us if you have any questions at 916-365-9552.

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