Synthetic Turf Folsom - Never have to water or mow again!

At Progressive Landscapes, we know how it is to get caught up in work and end up without any time to maintain your lawn, so synthetic turf is a great alternative.

At Progressive Landscapes Folsom we can help you with the management of your lawn. We can start by installing synthetic turf. By doing this we are eliminating a major expense of maintaining and watering a lawn. When installing synthetic turf where your lawn use to be, it wont be long before it basically pays for itself. Plus with higher gas prices and the maintenance of lawn equipment makes having a lawn expensive and time consuming to upkeep. It can be difficult to keep your lawn looking fresh and green. After a Folsom synthetic turf install we can also provide an attractive nature-friendly landscape resolution that everyone in your family can enjoy.

At Progressive Landscapes we think that everyone should be going green, and being green can start with us adding synthetic turf to a landscape. As previously stated, you will not only be saving 70% of your water bill but gas prices and maintenance prices as well. Also, remember one of the major benefits you get from this is a beautiful lawn that lasts all year long and doesn’t require any mowing, water, or chemicals. Thousands of people have already switched to synthetic turf because of this. Having synthetic turf is one answer to an economical solution. Having artificial turf is also being used in commercial buildings and is safe for children and pets to play on. Another benefit of synthetic turf is turning your back yard into a putting green. Who says you can't bring the golf course home with you. Whateveter the reason you choose we can install it for you at a reasonable price and have it fit within your existing landscape so it all flows nicelly together.

Just remember one of the first things that people notice when they look at your home is your yard. So keeping your yard clean and well maintained with the secret of synthetic turf as it will keep your yard green all year long. For a FREE home consultation please call us at 916-365-9552

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Did you know that when Progressive Landscapes installs quality synthetic turf into your yard, it provides you with more than a green lawn and the conservation of water. The synthetic turf that we install is the best because the synthetic turf not only looks realistic and is of high quality grade, but has a long life and is very durable, Earth friendly, pet friendly, drains better than real grass and comes with the professionals of Progressive Landscapes for install. Now, you don’t ever have to worry about maintaining your lawn, so you now can forget all about watering, mowing, weeding, fertilizing, pesticides, allergies, and mud. We hope you contact us for any questions about synthetic turf through this website or call 916-365-9552 to learn more!

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