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Create a structured outdoor living space with retaining walls

Start modernizing your outdoor hillside with Progressive Landscapes, by adding retaining walls, cinder block walls, stucco walls, or concrete walls to your old yard and create new landscape design that looks structured, high end, and segmented.

Progressive Landscapes has been providing retaining walls throughout Folsom and local neighboring areas. Our experience with retaining walls has allowed us to be efficient, organized, and professional with our work. This has allowed us to make our time more efficient at your home and be able to spend more time in modernizing and being creative with your landscape. We guarantee the quality of the materials used and the craftmanship of the building of the retaining walls will be solid and long lasting. Retaining walls are major piece to any landscape looking to add depth and dimention to a flat backdrop. View our gallery for more examples of retaining walls and all its uses.

Something to keep in mind when looking to build a retaining wall is to analyze your landscape to see how it can be used to better your outdoor living area. If you want to prevent erosion from a higher level of ground or if you have a steep slope, then a retaining wall will aid with this. Progressive Landscapes Folsom can help turn that steep slope into a leveled yard, constructing a stair like effect compared to an unattractive plain slope. By letting us construct retaining walls, it will hold back the materials that are a level higher, which can vary from dirt, water or other materials. By adding retaining walls it will not only stabilize your hillside, but will also transform your outdoors into somthing of structure and beauty.

Progressive Landscapes maintains a high reputation in the Folsom landscaping industry because of our deap seaded effort in creating the perfect landscape on every job. We have proved our work is far beyond many of our clients expectations, which has gained the trust and loyalty of countless customers in Folsom, California. Feel free to give us a call at 916-365-9552 to talk more about your retaining walls and landscaping needs.

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You may think that retaining walls are just problem solvers for unleveled ground, but did you know that they also have an artistic quality that adds design and definition to your outdoor landscape? Varying on the type of design you want in your outdoors is up to you, retaining walls come from all types of materials to: timber, masonry, poured concrete, interlocking concrete blocks, and much more. Retaining walls also have many purposes like a leveled backyard, carved out patio, sidewalk transition, driveways, etc.

Progressive Landscape designers want to hear your ideas and visions of your perfect outdoor living space. We can create a retaining wall in your yard that will surpass your expectations. Also, if you have a retaining wall problem Progressive Landscapes is ready to do maintenance work as well.

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